We help churches, missions groups, and nonprofits
measure needs of the people they serve,
set strategies to meet those needs, and
assess the impact of their work in service, evangelism, and outreach.

Community Empowerment Research

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Assess Organizational Processes

Process Evaluation

Assess how well you are carrying out your efforts.  Are you doing what you planned to do?  Is there a better way to work?

Sometimes the best-designed strategies don't work.  But sometimes failure of a strategy is not caused by poor planning or misunderstanding the situation.  Sometimes plans fail because the plans were not carried out.

Even when you know what people need and how they will likely respond to a specific communication or service, unexpected barriers can arise.  Maybe it is the way you teach.  Sometimes unexpected needs complicate how people can use the service you carefully provide.  Not always do staff and volunteers carry out plans the way you have set them out.  Class materials may be precise, but ignored by teachers.

Process Evaluation is the assessment of how you do what you do.  It is the "quality control" activity for not-for-profit organizations. We can help design surveys, interviews, and observational techniques that allow you to see what is really happening and discern how well your organization is carrying out your plans.