Community Empowerment Research

We help churches, schools, and community organizations
measure needs of the people they serve,
set strategies to meet those needs, and
assess the impact of their work in service, training, evangelism, and outreach.

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What Can You Learn?

·   What clients or members like about your services and programs.  And what they don't like.

·   How much people in your community are aware of your church or organization and how they feel about it.

·   What your members or clients really need.

·   How much your congregation agrees with the mission and vision shared by the staff and leadership. (That's assuming you have a clearly defined mission and vision--but that is a difference service of Community Empowerment Research.)

·   How much your congregation understands or agees with the theology and beliefs held by the pastors.

·   Fully understand what your members or clients are gaining–a lot more than what you can learn by simply counting attendance.

·   How much the goals and expectations of leaders, staff, and members/clients agree–or not.  And if there is a disjoint, is the reason due to poor definitions or poor communication.

·   Find out if your priorities match those of your staff, clients, or members.

·   Discover how much staff, members, and clients agree with each other–or if there are major divisions between groups.