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Doing Well at Doing Good

Presentation Made by Professor Michael E. Porter at Willow Creek Leadership Summit, August 2007

Inner City Newark’s Competitive Advantages

Strategic Location

·     Transportation hub with immediate access to 7 major highways, 14th largest airport in the world, a rail hub, and a location 20 minutes to midtown Manhattan

·     Largest port on the East Coast and 3rd largest in the nation

·     Largest higher education center in the state with formidable research base; over 50,000 students and faculty at 5 higher education institutions colleges populate the college town

·     Flourishing cultural and arts; NJPAC is the 4th largest performing arts center in the nation

·     Vibrant neighborhoods; Ironbound District home to the largest Portuguese population in the nation

·     One of three state-designated Innovation Zones

Underutilized workforce

·     Many residents are working but underemployed

·     Hispanic population grew by 16%

·     42% speak languages other than English

·     Over 8,760 job vacancies in 2005

Inner City:
Underserved local market

·     Over 6X the income density per square mile of the region ($115M vs. $18M)

·     Retail spending potential is 55% greater than the average inner city

·     Growing student and downtown residential populations is expanding demand for amenities

·     Diversity of citizens creates unique niches and business opportunities

Linkage to industrial/regional clusters

·     Proximity to regional transportation & logistics infrastructure and companies

·     Attractive location for activities linked to leading clusters based in Manhattan due to proximity (e.g., financial services)

Sources: 2000 U.S. Census; 2002-2004 Bureau of Labor Statistics, ICIC-State of Inner City Economies