Community Empowerment Research

We help churches, schools, and community organizations
measure needs of the people they serve,
set strategies to meet those needs, and
assess the impact of their work in service, training, evangelism, and outreach.

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Measure the spiritual state of your members

Are your people growing spiritually?

The main “work” of any church is to spread the Gospel and make disciples.

Most churches know how many people attend services.  They also know what classes are given to children and adults and how many came.

But they rarely know if the sermons and classes had any effect on the people.  Christians still divorce at the same rate as non-Christians, even though there are marriage preparation programs and marriage-saving programs with proven effectiveness.  Surveys of Christians and non-Christians (such as George Barna, for example: show that in many things most church-goers have not been “transformed by the renewing of (their) minds” (Romans 12:3).

We can help you measure where your people are spiritually and identify where they need to grow.  With our customized measures, you decide what is most important to measure.  Together we can set goals and plans to help your members grow.