Community Empowerment Research

We help churches, schools, and community organizations
measure needs of the people they serve,
set strategies to meet those needs, and
assess the impact of their work in service, training, evangelism, and outreach.

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Our Values

•  Always seek and express truth:  Evaluation without Truth is simply institutionalized bias, therefore Truth must be discovered before true positive change can occur.  Honesty and transparency are the foundational truths in all edifying relationships.  Since we also value building good relationships, integrity of finding truth and speaking honestly underpins everything that we do.

•  Treat others as we would like to be treated:  We value and appreciate people and their differences.  People are not interchangeable parts in a machine.  We treat everyone as unique persons worthy of value, respect, and dignity.  We believe in treating everyone with empathy, recognizing their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches, and ideas.  There is no place for condemnation.

•  Build community:  Trust, in addition to mutual appreciation, is the glue that holds a community together.  The full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information is central to building trust.  So we continuously develop our ability to hear and address our clients’ and communities’ concerns and ideas.  As we share research findings, we commit to meeting our goals of shared purpose and mutual understanding.

•  Empower excellence:  Excellence is the result of talented people giving their best.  We give our best at all times, and we work to create environments where others can do their best as well.  We learn from failures and successes in equal measure and expect the same of our clients.

•  Embrace innovation:  We seek to create new solutions and make old solutions better.  As we seek to achieve our mission, we are not afraid to challenge ourselves and our clients to find a better way.

•  Act with humility and integrity:  We’re honest, direct, and open.  We seek and provide honest feedback.  And we make every effort to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.  We value openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere.

•  Encourage accountability:  Our focus is on finding solutions to communities’ problems and in achieving positive results.  We aim to involve all stakeholders in decisions and plans that affect them.  We keep promises and commitments and assume responsibility for our actions and results.

•  Gain Results:  Ultimately, we want to help people to be their best.  Toward that end we work with others as a team to accomplish positive results.

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